Denso Universal 1020 Racing Fuel Pump

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the 300LPH Denso 1020 Fuel Pump. This universal
fuel pump will fit most import and
domestic vehicles. If you can mount it somewhere
your gas tank and wire it up to around 9 to 14 volts
then your good to go.
The fuel pump is usually mounted on the existing fuel sending unit (fuel pump holder) with the included filter as low in the tank as possible.

Fuel Pump Part#: 195130-1020

Fuel Pump Weight: 2lbs

The 1020 Kyosan/Denso 300LPH high pressure fuel pump is the OEM fuel pump for the 93-97 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. It is used as a popular universal fuel pump upgrade for automotive performance enthusiasts. Supports up to 800HP. You do not have to upgrade any components of your fuel systems to adapt to this pump since the overflow of fuel is sent back to the engine by the fuel pressure regulator via the fuel return line, which cools down engine components and your gas tank. This auction includes fuel pump, hose, clamps, and filter allowing for an easy install on most import and domestic vehicles including but not limited to the Skyline, 240sx, Civic, CRX, Integra, Eclipse, Supra, 350Z, AE86, GTI-R, Celica, MR2, 300ZX, Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, etc. We consider this to be a very universal fuel pump setup which replaces your existing OEM or aftermarket (Walbro) fuel pump in it's same place inside the gas tank.

Just $149.00

Fuel Pump Specifications

In a majority of cases, it does not hurt to install a high pressure fuel pump into a non-performance vehicle because most of the fuel sent towards the engine is unused and get sent right back to the gas tank via the vehicles fuel return line.

Please note that these fuel pumps do not come in Denso boxes. They are Denso fuel pumps modified by Kyosan in Japan. 100% authentic guaranteed.You can read a review of them here.

All Kyosan/Denso fuel pumps are brand new, in stock and ready to ship.



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